Hello World!

Welcome to the new astralisproductions.com!

A small update was needed in the shopping cart, then one thing led to another, and now the whole website got a complete overhaul. Not like changing a WordPress theme, but like building a whole new website. It has been way too much work, especially considering the website was essentially dead before, and there’s no knowing whether the new version will get significant traffic.

At least it can only get better. The site was created to sell Beneath the Aurora and launched Nov 2014, but it hasn’t attracted any traffic, other than a couple of short periods after some positive press for the film. This is a logical consequence of failing to update the site with other content and not having funds to advertise the film. Ideally, advertising would lead to sales to cover the cost, but that’s not how it works for a new film by an unknown artist. Add to that, advertising and promotion isn’t my cup of tea at all. It’s against my nature, and the film hasn’t exactly been pushed very hard.

Nevertheless it has sold around 3,000 copies. The feedback has been highly positive, which does encourage an effort to reach more people. Given my qualms about advertising, adding some popular and useful content to the website seems like a good alternative. However, the main motivation isn’t sales. The website (or the film) will never generate income that could justify the amount of time spent.

What I’m aiming to build is a website that can become a go-to place for anybody wishing to learn about the aurora. In particular I wish to inspire people to arrange experiencing it for themselves, so part of the new content will be a travel guide to help plan a trip to the arctic. Expect material to be added gradually over the next months/years.

As for this blog, I admittedly don’t see myself as much of a blogger. But now that it’s here I may get ideas for using it, especially if I end up doing more art projects. Don’t expect frequent updates, but check it out occasionally to stay on top of what’s new with Astralis Productions.