Beneath the Aurora

About the Film

Beneath the Aurora is a compilation of ~45 minutes of aurora and nature timelapse footage from Alaska composed to ambient music from world-renown artists. It is the result of one man’s obsession with capturing the aurora and producing a piece of art that conveys a strong feeling of serenity, similar to what you would experience if standing in remote nature and watching the aurora unfold for yourself.

The video below has more information about the making of the film, including shooting locations and notes about timelapse photography. It is part of the extra material included on the DVD and Blu-ray.


Because the music is absolutely essential for the project it was picked carefully and without compromise. It is partly relaxing and meditative, partly intense; with a broad appeal but also an edge to evoke feelings. Not everybody will like it – check the demo page and judge for yourself. However, for those who do like it, watching the film can be a strong emotional experience.

The following tracks are featured in the film (full length):

  1. July Skies – You Take Me Through the Day (02:27)
  2. Marconi Union – Sleepless (05:41)
  3. Carbon Based Lifeforms – Euphotic (07:29)
  4. Markus Guentner – Express Yourself (08:02)
  5. Popnoname – Nightliner (05:22)
  6. July Skies – Autumn Fires (02:02)
  7. July Skies – Skies for Nash (06:35)
  8. Ilya Malyuev – Last Night Before Leaving (04:55)
  9. Christian Kleine – Red Norvo (03:33)

Who is it for?

  • Aurora and nature enthusiasts
    The film should be an enjoyable journey for anybody who’s drawn to the aurora and/or the big outdoors.
  • Mindfulness enthusiasts
    Feedback from this group has been extremely positive. Those who practice “mindfulness disciplines” (e.g. yoga, meditation) are conditioned to get the most out of the film (see viewing advice below).
  • Stressed persons
    Watching the film is great for relaxation and can serve as an alternative to meditation with many of the same benefits.
  • Home theater enthusiasts
    The film is most impressive on a large screen and with good sound. If only everybody could see it this way!
  • Psychedelic drug users
    The “language” of the film is visuals and music, which is very effective under the influence of psychedelic stimulants. With heightened senses the film can be a strong and blissful experience.
  • Visual art users
    The film can be used as an impressive backdrop at events or as part of a visual art setup at home.

Viewing Advice

To make the film a powerful experience you need the right setting, physically and mentally. The key is immersion, and your own ability to get absorbed by the music and scenery is most important. This is a matter of mindfulness: Staying focused on the film and paying attention to details. A large screen and good sound in an undisturbed dark room will make this all the easier and hence the film much more effective. In other words, a good home theater setup is ideal and makes a big difference.

Beneath the Aurora can be used as an audiovisual aid to meditation, for relaxation and stress relief and as visual art for events or home decoration. However, the primary purpose is to give viewers a sense of what it’s like to witness the aurora in natural surroundings – perhaps even inspire some to make the effort to have the experience in person.


Read testimonials on the demo page and in the store’s product reviews.