Product Description

Beneath the Aurora offers extensive, high-quality footage of Alaskan scenery and the aurora in particular, presented in exceptionally fluid timelapse video. The DVD/Blu-ray includes narrated extra features with background information on the aurora and the making of the film. These have subtitles in 9 languages, and the main feature – a spectacular vision of the beauty of the arctic – only uses the universal language of music. Altogether this ensures a product with a very broad appeal that can sell to a wide audience anywhere. DVDs/Blu-rays are region free and will play back worldwide.

Attract Attention

Playing this beautiful film on a monitor in a store is sure to attract attention and generate sales (we will help you with the setup). Chinese and Japanese versions of the cover are available for display, which is another good way to attract customers – arctic destinations are experiencing an increasing influx of Asian tourists interested in the aurora.

Sales Potential

Arctic Tourism

Beneath the Aurora is the perfect souvenir for tourists looking to bring a quintessential piece of the Arctic back home with them. It is most relevant in Alaska because it was captured here, but it was made to represent arctic nature and the aurora in particular rather than a specific location. Every visitor to the Arctic wishes a unique nature experience and to see the aurora, and that is exactly what the film conveys.

Relaxation and Mindfulness

Do you sell products relating to well-being, relaxation and mindfulness? Then your customers will love Beneath the Aurora as they are able to make the most of it. It is great for relaxation with similar benefits to meditation, and the mindful viewer will find it an immersive and even emotional experience. The feedback from this audience is highly positive – check out the demo page and we hope you can see why.

Fact Sheet

Running Time:48 minutes + Extras (14 minutes)
Formats:DVD, Blu-ray (both region free)
Subtitles (Extras):English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German,
French, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish*
Packaging:DVDigipak, standard Blu-ray cases (both shrink-wrapped)
* Older stock may not have all languages – contact us for details.

Wholesale Pricing

DVD:$10/unit (suggested retail $20)
Blu-ray:$12/unit (suggested retail $24)
Requires minimum order of 5 units.

Terms and Conditions

Free Sample

If interested in wholesale we will provide you a copy of the film in the format of your choice at no cost. Just email us to request a free sample and tell us how you wish to receive your copy.

Placing Orders

Contact us for your first order and we will set you up with a wholesale account. This will allow you to place orders at wholesale prices directly in our store, which is the most efficient method. However, if you prefer you are of course still welcome to contact us to set up your orders.


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Returns and Refunds

We guarantee that DVDs and Blu-rays are playable in compatible players worldwide (no region coding).
Faulty units: Can be exchanged or returned for a full refund within 30 days*. If needed we will pay return shipping for a shipping method of our choice.
Non-faulty units: Unopened items (shrink-wrap intact) can be returned for a full refund within 30 days*. We do not pay for return shipping of non-faulty items.
* 30 days from your order was delivered.