Sisimiut: Some First Impressions

Sisimiut is a town of ~5,500 people. Everything but the airport is within walking distance, and there are no roads out of town, so the number of cars and taxis is surprising – apparently it was quite different just 15 years ago. I prefer bike for many reasons, though what I’ve seen so far leaves me concerned about traffic safety, especially during winter. I actully got myself a bike helmet, which I wouldn’t consider in Denmark. Besides drivers who are not exactly careful, the other challenge I see coming is the combination of icy roads and steep hills all over the place.

  Greenland's Longest Bridge Greenland’s longest bridge, going to the airport and a new residential area under development.

Greenland is a place of beauty and challenges. It’s brightly colored buildings on a backdrop of spectacular scenery. It’s also dumps where trash is left uncontained and unfiltered waste water outlets. I’ll stick to showing the first part.

  Sisimiut Church Pano 1   Sisimiut Church Pano 2  

Getting supplies to a small, remote community is expensive. Vegetable prices reflect this, and you’ll want to consider shifting towards cheaper frozen vegetables. Potato prices in particular are going to hurt until I get used to it. This is $2.10/lb. Fortunately they’re often on sale. Unfortunately, when they’re on sale they often don’t have any. That’s true for much more than potatoes, by the way.

Expensive Potatoes

This should eventually be of interest to me: Sisimiut just got a nice artificial football pitch.

  Sisimiut Football Arena  

Now for the nerdy stuff… I once noticed a 120° parhelion in Alaska. Apparently they’re not rare, just hard to spot. Well, here I’ve already seen them twice, one of them too bright to go unnoticed. Perhaps random, or perhaps somehow good ice halo displays are more frequent up here.

  Parhelic Pano 1   Parhelic Pano 2  

The aurora – I’m looking much forward to spending some time observing it and get a sense for how it compares to that at lower latitudes. What I’ve seen so far looks good; here’s a quick timelapse (Aug 26 2018).


Finally, a couple of harbor traffic timelapses – just for fun.